About Us

Toner Motion was born in 2014

We are young

But we have the best printer cartridge for you

To be recognized as the best inkjet and toner cartridge retailer offering superior customer satisfaction.

Strive for 100% customer satisfaction
Pursue continuous improvement

Private Label Service
Toner Motion solutions are designed to help Private Label solve the complex manufacturing problems. As we move ahead, every step is backed by the assurance and stability of Toner Motion’s world-class manufacturing and design to make your products more adaptive, intuitive, innovative and creative.

Our smart technology is only part of the successful factors. Helping you meet your business goals, differentiate your product, and exceed your expectations for quality, cost-effectiveness and time-to-market-that’s where we can make a real difference. By outsourcing their embedded technology needs to Toner Motion, many of our customers have lowered their manufacturing costs and simplified their system designs while reducing risk, increasing flexibility and gaining superior product performance.

Customer Service
Millennium’s business climate requires much more than implementing the best, latest technology. It also demands a flexible and motivated workforce that readily adapts to innovative product, changing work processes and customer’s expectation. Toner Motion Services provide the highest satisfaction to our customers with a full portfolio of services and solutions for maximizing both individual potential and operational effectiveness.

We provide back to back guarantee for any defective item. Our compatible cartridges are warranted to be free of defects in both materials and workmanship until the product is depleted. The warranty covers any defects or malfunctions in your new cartridge. We are enthusiastic to provide the excellent service. Please feel free to keep an open communication with us on any issues you have. These inquiries go directly to our customer service staff.
Environmental issues
Improving both Environment and Quality are the responsibility of every one of our group. Living in an ever better environment should be a daily concern and which is carried through into our everyday behavior.

Our products and their components, as well as all of our internal operations and activities are respectful of the environment. We commit ourselves in doing everything in our power to recycle our waste and to prevent pollution if at all possible.

Our internal environmental program provides routine assessments for all manufacturing sites, follow-up on corrective actions and periodic management reviews with our board of directors.

Professional Quality Warranty
In order to ensure the quality meet the international standard, we give the material a series strict routine test in some special aspects:

 Eroding Test :
We have tested our products and we ensure they will never demage the printer-head.

 Freezing test:
We test the stability of Toner Motion ink cartridge and toner cartridge in abominable enviornment, and it is proved to be stable, the optimum printout is guaranteed in any environment.

 Ageing test:
The effective period of Toner Motion cartrdige is proved to be within more than 2 years.

 Water-barrier test:
We have tested the penetrability of Toner Motion cartridge, we ensure the ink marks are still clear even it is wet, no obvious pervasion phenomenon.

 Light-fastness test:
We ensure the color and luster will always be vivid and fresh under strong light.

 Wearable Quality test:
We have tested the wearable quality, and we ensure the printout is firm and vivid in different medium.